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Dental plaque in Stamford

Cavities are the result of tooth decay, and the decay is caused by dental plaque. So, too, is gum disease directly linked to dental plaque. The more effectively it is dealt with, the better your oral wellness is likely to be. Turn to us at the dental practice of Michael Lazarus, D.M.D. And Monika Vermani, D.M.D., AEGD for the attentive care needed to mitigate the effects of dental plaque.

There are two forms of this substance, both of them equally hazardous. When dental plaque first forms, it is like a film, which is most obvious when you wake up in the morning. That unpleasant coating that you can feel on your teeth, and the rather severe morning breath that can accompany it are both evidence of plaque. It’s sticky, invisible, and stubborn. It contains acids, which then erode your precious tooth enamel and irritate and redden your gums, the indications of gingivitis, gum disease at its early stage. Later on, dental plaque can cause loss of enough tooth structure to make toothaches and tooth infections possible, along with the applicable treatments at our Stamford dental office. Inflammation and infection are also a risk for your gums, as are symptoms as alarming as your gums bleeding when you brush, consistent bad breath, and receding gums. Ultimately, you could lose gum and bone tissue, and your teeth might loosen. The other form of dental plaque is tartar, a crusty and hardened type that cannot be removed with mere brushing and flossing at home. For that, you need our Stamford dentist office and a professional teeth cleaning. Between six month examinations and cleaning, brush your teeth frequently. The ideal schedule is when you wake up, after meals, and before you go to bed, at which time you should also floss.

Working together with our Stamford dentist office, it’s possible to prevent dental plaque from causing you difficulties. Contact us to schedule your next visit.

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